Heartwood Village

Heartwood Village

COMING SOON: New communities and single homes in North Oshawa.

Discover a place that knows exactly what you desire and need: rolling hills that stretch beyond the horizon, majestic trees standing guard over generations, and a creek that flows endlessly through fertile fields. North Oshawa embodies a neighborhood untouched by time, rooted in a rich history of cultivating the land, yet seamlessly connected to modern life through pathways leading to the heart of the city. Here, tranquility reigns, yet excitement is always close at hand. It’s the perfect blend you’ve been searching for all along.

Heartwood is coming to North Oshawa. Follow your Heart Home. Register now to follow the pulse of this inspiring new community.

The Legacy of the Land

Our history spans millennia, where stories were spoken rather than written. Yet, this particular tale begins with a farm and a family. John Hepburn and his wife Helen crafted a life here, nurturing both the land and their children until a lasting legacy took root in the very soil. Your own story can begin right here, too.

Today, tomorrow, and forever

Though the golden fields and lush woodlands still stand, Oshawa has expanded to extend a branch towards its northern neighbourhoods. At the junction of Ritson and Conlin, your idyllic landscape remains untouched, yet every element of a modern community is right around the block. Shops and schools have grown from the earth to support the families that live here. Community centres and health facilities, too. And just down the road, all of Oshawa is open to you, waiting patiently for your arrival.

Driven by community

Laurelcrest Homes holds a long history of developing communities across the greater Golden Horseshoe region. Beginning with land, we select locations well-equipped to support the social, physical, and emotional needs of our homeowners. From there, we develop communities designed around those homeowners, with every detail tailored towards their desires. At Laurelcrest Homes, it begins—and ends— with you.



Groceries and Shopping Malls

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